Who are we? 

At St.Gabriel’s Institute, situated at the Catholic Institute, we offer high quality private tuition and courses to students of all ages. Our main goal is that every student succeeds. We have qualified, dedicated and experienced teachers and an excellent student support system.

Throughout the past years we have been responsible for educational courses such as Youth Guarantee and Work Programme. The focus of these courses is to prepare youths and adults who are struggling to get a job and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the work force.

The Youth Guarantee is a project followed in all European Union countries. The main aim of this project is to help and give training to youths who are neither in the workforce or in the educational system to get into the workforce or return to the educational system to achieve an accredited qualification.

The Work Programme Initiative is a project aimed for person who has not been working for a long time. The participants during this course are given basic training in Maltese, English, Mathematics and Work Ethics. This course also leads to an accredited qualification.

At St. Gabriel’s Institute we also offer Private Tution Courses that prepare our students for their O’Levels and A’Levels. Our team of dedicated teachers guide and prepare our students to sit for their MATSEC Examinations. We offer 2 types of tution: group tution and one to one tution. This will give the opportunity to our students to choose the course that fits best their needs.

We also invested in an online educational system that will help our students to access their lecture and notes material from their technological devices. This online educational system also gives access to the guardians of our students, so as they can follow their academic achievement.

The ultimate goal of St. Gabriel’s Institute is to train and educate both youths and adults to enter the work force with the skills and knowledge they acquire from our courses.